Initial Vision Therapy Evaluation

Young girl having eyes evaluatedYour optometrist near San Diego can address your eye health concerns

Is this your first time visiting an optometrist? Do you want to know what to expect? Our friendly and experienced staff at Anderson Vision Therapy offers guidance on any eye care needs. We are a family-friendly full-service eye and vision care provider.

Why Visit Anderson Vision Therapy?

Our team is here to help with vision issues. First-time patients often undergo a comprehensive eye exam. This will help provide details as to the current health of your eyes and their surrounding structures. Patients who experience double vision or have tracking problems may require vision therapy.

A variety of safe and non-invasive therapies are available to improve eye function. The trusted optometrists at Anderson Vision Therapy are known for providing the best in optometry services in the San Diego area. Keep reading to learn more about your initial visit.

Improve Eye Health Starting with a Comprehensive Initial Evaluation

Dr. Anderson will want to learn more about how your eyes function. Are they able to focus or work as a team? Difficulties with simple actions may cause unnecessary eye strain and discomfort. Patients with a vision deficiency may suffer symptoms like:

  • Losing their place while reading
  • Frequent eye rubbing
  • Double vision
  • Squinting

Eye strain may also lead to recurrent headaches that can make it hard to focus on tasks. Additional testing and vision therapy sessions can serve to address symptoms while improving visual skills and reducing discomfort. Each vision therapy session is individualized to the needs of the patient.

Do You Need Vision Therapy?

Vision therapy is considered to be a subspecialty; its purpose is to aid in improving or developing visual function. An initial evaluation provides information on your internal and external eye health, as well as an initial analysis of how well your eyes can focus (accommodative ability), track (oculomotor control), team (binocular control), and perceive depth (binocular depth perception). 

Initial assessments provide Dr. Nathan Anderson with preliminary information with which to guide the next steps. Depending on what is uncovered, our optometrist may recommend additional testing and will share their diagnostic findings. 

They may recommend vision therapy techniques to improve the functionality of your vision system. This can take one or more sessions and your optometrist may recommend additional exercises to be completed in the comfort of your home between sessions.

Individuals of all ages can benefit from vision therapy. Vision therapy can allow you or someone you know to experience improved vision ability. Suffering from vision deficiencies can create difficulties when it comes to driving, playing sports, reading and performing activities generally taken for granted. 

A variety of conditions can be treated with vision therapy, including:

  • Learning-related vision issues
  • Ocular motor dysfunction
  • Myopia control
  • Strabismus and more

Depending on the initial evaluation and how a patient responds to therapy, a series of sessions may be recommended that can last from six weeks to a year. After vision therapy sessions, patients can expect a significant improvement in how their eyes function and should experience lessening of symptoms related to eye strain.

Explore what our team can do for you. Contact Anderson Vision Therapy at 800-462-8749 to schedule your initial evaluation today!

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